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SapotaCorp, an IT outsourcing company headquartered in Vietnam, forging partnerships with prominent enterprises, SMEs, and technology pioneers to provide top-notch technology products. Our core target is to empower customers in attaining remarkable success by delivering high-quality tech solutions.

At SapotaCorp, we build & deliver CMS, FinTech, & E-commerce solutions for digital agencies & significant brands across the globe. We also assist digital agencies & IT companies to expand their offerings with open-source development services & improve their time-to-market.


1. Offering businesses the most innovative, cutting-edge website & software solutions.

2. Aiming to train our team to develop a variety of skills for comprehensive research & work.

3. Striving to assemble a team of exceptional individuals who excel in the niche they pursue to produce the best combinations of services.

4. Innovating constantly, creating outstanding technology solutions to serve the global market & contribute to humanity.

SapotaCorp team
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We Are Experts In IT Solutions Services

hire our specialists on an hourly, daily, or project-wide basis.

hire the most ideal developers for your requirements to develop your own projects.

provide free project management tools to track & manage your team.

continue to assist the project even after it has been placed into operation.

ensure standards of security & performance.

Are you ready to align your applications, IT infrastructure with your business goals? Count on SapotaCorp for knowledgeable advice & take advantage of the most recent advancements in the field. We have the right knowledge and resources to develop and implement your IT projects. The complexity of technology difficulties is growing, but SapotaCorp can guide you in making the best choices & guarantee the success of your upcoming IT project.

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Meet our experienced team members

At SapotaCorp, we collaborate closely with our clients to take advantage of our expertise & realize exceptional ideas.

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Country manager Korea
Jeong Joseph
Country Head Korea
Country manager Singapore
Graham Elliott
Country Head Singapore
Head of Da Nang branch
Riddle Vo
Head of Danang Branch
Head of Hanoi branch
Steve Nguyen
Head of Hanoi Branch
Quality assurance lead
Thanh Luu
QA Lead
Chief marketing officer SapotaCorp
Ha Nguyen

He has been doing our dev work since 2016 with almost 200 proposed projects. Great job. We are in communications with them daily. After so many years working with them, I traveled to meet them. Great, hardworking people.

Client testimonial - adam
Mr. Adam G
United States

These guys are fantastic! They deliver excellent customer service, do tasks quickly, very knowledgeable about what they do. This is the second time I have hired them, they did not disappoint. I will hire them again.

Client testimonial - hashem
Mr. Hashem E

This is my second time working with them, so far i am very satisfied, easy to communicate and they always asked to questions to make sure that everything is good, also i like their developers. Will hire again for sure.

Client testimonial - lurii
Mr. Iurii K
United States