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Our Services

We offer exclusive services to businesses globally. At SapotaCorp, our dedicated team of experts is committed to creating innovative technology solutions tailored to elevate your business in today's digital landscape.

What We Offer

SapotaCorp propels your business towards success through top-notch IT services, harnessing the potential of the latest technologies.

Web App Development

SapotaCorp delivers adaptable front-end and back-end solutions, empowering your web applications to excel in the digital world.

Mobile App Development

SapotaCorp empowers businesses to reach their target audience on Android and iOS platforms, creating feature-rich, user-friendly and visually appealing applications.

Blockchain Development

SapotaCorp provides secure, transparent and efficient solutions for various industries, creating blockchain-based applications and smart contracts that eliminate intermediaries and enhance data security.

Metaverse Development

SapotaCorp delivers adaptable front-end and back-end solutions, empowering your web applications to excel in the digital world.

Custom Software Development

SapotaCorp creates new customized software solutions, improves existing solutions and modernizes legacy systems.


By integrating intelligent algorithms, SapotaCorp empowers your systems to perform tasks such as natural language processing, predictive analytics, image recognition and more.

Our Project Process

To facilitate communication and collaboration with customers, we have established standardized work processes that begin from the initial chat, recording the customer's request and extend to the phases of product implementation and handover.

All stages are meticulously cared for and supported in each aspect, ensuring customer satisfaction.



1. Hearing requirements

Hearing your inquiries about draft ideas, business requirements and expectations to capture your needs

2. Analysis – Estimating

Carrying out analysis on requirements specifications to give the estimation and cost.

Plan creation

Plan creation

3. Master plan – Basic design

Creating the master project plan, basic design to adapt to customers' business logic and users' needs.

4. Detailed plan & design

Creating a detailed development plan and design for the project development.



5. Coding – System development

Building the system, database specifically and transparently according to the Agile model.

Customers can track progress and performance through each stage by following the coding process on the application system.

Delivery & Maintenance

Delivery & Maintenance

6. Delivery – Deployment

Delivering the source code as well as necessary documents related. Also, support setting up server environments and deploying the system if requested.

7. Continuous maintenance – Enhancement

Supporting in improving the current features or adding new features during the maintenance period.

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