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Leverage the AI and ML expertise to create real-time data analysis algorithms that transform your business services, from cybersecurity to clinical research, empowering your team with intelligent data management and customized solutions.

SapotaCorp AI and ML Services

SapotaCorp AI & ML Services

AI strategy

Help you assess your current state, analyze potential opportunities, devise a tailored strategy, plan projects, process and model data, and ongoing consulting and support.

AI consulting

Assess your business needs and goals, offering specific advice from evaluating the feasibility of AI integration to recommending the right technologies and solutions.

Data science

Collect, process, and analyze data, building predictive and classification models. We optimize and fine-tune them, forecasting and managing risks, and providing expert support to guide your crucial decisions.

AI development & integration

Focus on building, developing, and integrating AI solutions into applications and systems in different fields by developing AI applications, building AI models, optimizing models, integrating AI into existing systems, and then supporting deployment and maintenance.

ML model development

Dive deep into your business case, devising accurate algorithms tailored precisely to your needs. Our next step involves training advanced machine learning models using accurate or mock data, ensuring exceptional results propelling your business to new heights.

Why Choose SapotaCorp

Quality commitment

We commit to delivering on your business needs through quality R&D and applications of AI technologies. Besides, we also use some of those resolutions to deploy for your business.

SapotaCorp Thorough Quality Checks

Outcome driven

Our experienced team of Data Scientists and Customer Success Managers drive ROI with a customer-centric approach and help you achieve your business goals.

SapotaCorp Results Proven Approach

Transparent secure

All technology projects at our company are always signed with NDAs - a written commitment to the confidentiality of customer and project data. Security will be an important factor for your success.

SapotaCorp Transparent Secure

Data-centric approach

We use proven and advanced big data technologies to convert the raw data into actionable insights.

SapotaCorp Data Centric Approacj

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