Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Thank you for visiting SapotaCorp. Together with the Privacy Policy, these Terms of Service are a contractual Agreement between SapotaCorp and our users, so please read them carefully before accessing or using SapotaCorp. In consideration of the mutual promises contained in this Agreement, you and SapotaCorp agree as follows:

I. Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

  • The "Agreement" refers to these Terms of Service (the "Terms"), our Privacy Policy and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that we may publish periodically on the Website.
  • "SapotaCorp""we,"and "us"refer to Sapotacorp.vn, a SapotaCorp company doing business as Sapotacorp, as well as our affiliates, directors, subsidiaries, contractors, licensors, officers, agents and employees.
  • The "Service" refers to the Website and online products provided by Sapotacorp.
  • The "Website" refers to SapotaCorp website located at Sapotacorp.vn and all content, services and products provided by Sapotacorp at or through Sapotacorp.vn.
  • "User ,""you ,"and "your"refer to the individual person, company, or organization that has visited or is using the Website or Service; that accesses or uses any part of the account; or that directs the use of the account in the performance of its functions. A User must be at least 13 years of age.
  • "Authorized Users"refer to Users and the personnel that Users authorize to access our Service.
  • A "Subscription"is an online order for the Service completed and submitted by you through this Website and accepted by SapotaCorp or another written agreement or purchase order for the Service accepted by both you and SapotaCorp.
  • The "Subscription Date" refers to the date you submit your online order through the Website or the date you accept an agreement that is ultimately accepted by both you and SapotaCorp.

2. Description

SapotaCorp mission is offering businesses the most innovative, cutting-edge website & software solutions. Aiming to train our team to develop a variety of skills for comprehensive research & work. Vision of SapotaCorp is striving to assemble a team of exceptional individuals who excel in the niche they pursue to produce the best combinations of services and innovating constantly, creating outstanding technology solutions to serve the global market & contribute to humanity. Features and functionality are as described on our Website on the Subscription Date, as such features and functionality may change periodically. We operate our Service on our providers' hosting servers to enable Authorized Users to access and use our Service via the web. By using or accessing any part of our Service, you are representing that you have the capacity and authority to enter into this agreement and are consenting on behalf of yourself and/or as an authorized representative of your company, as applicable, to be bound by this agreement.

3. Information Collection

To facilitate communication and understand customer needs, SapotaCorp collects personal information, including:

  • Name, email address, phone number, company code and other contact methods.
  • Demographic data such as country and preferred language.
  • Website interaction data, including visitor behavior and IP address.
  • Other information provided directly or recorded during customer interactions.

4. Data Collection from Third Parties

SapotaCorp may collect personal data from third parties with customer consent.

5. Information Security

SapotaCorp is committed to information security through Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before project initiation.

II. Information Collection Process

1. Project Initiation

Information is collected during discussions between SapotaCorp's Business Analyst and the customer regarding project requirements, including contact details and necessary information to formalize the contract.

2. Developer Access

Information is collected for developers to access their accounts and perform development tasks.

3. Website Data Collection

Data is recorded from the consultation form and user behavior when accessing SapotaCorp's website.

III. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

1. NDA Signing Process

  • An NDA is prepared, outlining terms related to protecting sensitive information, including definitions, information security, duration, restrictions, consequences of breach and dispute resolution.
  • Participants (disclosing and receiving parties) identify and agree to the NDA terms before signing.
  • NDAs are securely stored and monitored for compliance.

IV. Handling Privacy Policy Violations

SapotaCorp prevents Privacy Policy violations through stringent information security processes, including NDAs, restricted access, VPN connections and software approval.

V. Changes to Privacy Policy

The privacy statement may be updated to modify terms or respond to customer feedback. Changes will be communicated through clear notices or direct notifications.

VI. Service Commitment and Support

1. Availability

SapotaCorp committed to maintaining the availability of the hosted portion of the IT Outsourcing at 99.8%, excluding scheduled maintenance windows, throughout the term of this Agreement. The service will be considered "available" as long as Authorized Users can log in to the service interface and access data.

2. Modification of Service

SapotaCorp reserves the right to modify, enhance, or otherwise change the service at its discretion. Any modifications will be made with the intention of improving the overall functionality and effectiveness of the SapotaCorp.

3. Limitations

The commitment to availability and support does not cover instances of downtime or unavailability caused by factors beyond SapotaCorp control, including but not limited to force majeure events, acts of government, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, or issues arising from your or Authorized Users' misuse of the SapotaCorp.

4. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For additional details regarding service commitments, including any applicable service level agreements, please refer to the specific SLA documentation provided by SapotaCorp.

5. Modification of Agreement

SapotaCorp reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement and any such modifications will be communicated to you in advance. Your continued use of the Service after the effective date of any modifications indicates your acceptance of the modified terms.

VII. General Terms and Conditions

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

SapotaCorp is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a refund if the customer is not satisfied.

2. Scope of Services

SapotaCorp provides exclusive services, including blockchain development, web app development, mobile app development, custom software development, IT consulting and QA/testing services.

3. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Vietnam.

4. Mission & Vision

SapotaCorp aims to offer innovative website and software solutions, train a skilled team, assemble exceptional individuals and constantly innovate for the global market and humanity.

By engaging with SapotaCorp's services, customers agree to abide by these terms and conditions. SapotaCorp reserves the right to update these terms as needed. Last updated: [11/12/2023]. For privacy concerns or questions, contact us at michael@sapotacorp.vn.